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EUROPE : nouveau clip “Turn To Dust”

« Walk of Earth », le nouvel album d’EUROPE, est sorti le 20 octobre 2017 sur Silver Lining / Warner.

En voici le 3ème single appelé “Turn To Dust” :

This song idea has been brewing for over ten years”, explains singer Joey Tempest. “When recording our latest album, WALK THE EARTH, in Abbey Road Studios, the inspiration finally kicked in to finish it. Originally an idea and labour of love of our keyboards player Mic Michaeli, the video was meant to touch on emotions and observations related to the Life and Death of your near and dear ones, the circle of life if you will, but it turned out to be much more than that as it follows the dramatic journey of the character taken from the artwork on our album cover. Working with Craig Hooper and his animation team was a real pleasure, and after seeing their work on Deep Purple’s ‘The Surprising’, we knew we were dealing with true visionaries.  We’re very proud of the result, especially since it’s our first ever animated video.”

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